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Thursday, November 16, 2017

I wish i had a broken heart

Some say they have a broken heart
When the love is gone,
I wish my heart would break today
So I could move on,
If I had a broken heart
It would no longer feel,
Then the time we've been apart
Wouldn't seem so real,
Instead my heart is still alive
I can not stand this pain,
Bruised and beaten, torn apart
I think I'll go insane,
If I had a broken heart I wouldn't care about how you've moved on,
Or how the love you say you had
Is now completely gone,
I wish I had a broken heart
So I'd just forget,
I wish I didn't love you so
I wish we never met

Affirmations while sleeping

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Her Daydream

   There was this place she imagined, a place far from any person, a place full of trees. So full of trees she couldn't see far in any direction, but she knew if she kept walking she would still be surrounded by trees, with a floor covered in decomposing plants and blanketed with many covered in flowers. She could picture this so vividly, the place, the experience, the stroll she would take.

The forest floor, so alive and natural, untouched by any person, speckled with spots of sunlight that had made it through the dense canopy to the ground. She could hear the breeze rustling through the forest, it was a very soothing sound briefly interrupted by the creaking of branches and the songs of various birds singing so happily. She could almost smell the damp plant life, imagining brief instances where the sweet scent of flowers would caress her for a moment. This was the place she longed for and day dreamed of frequently. This was the place she wished she was, she wished every day she could run away to this place. She wanted to run there alone, far from any person and far from the reality of her life.

Monday, October 2, 2017

28 Calls for Submissions in October 2017 - Paying Markets

28 Calls for Submissions in October 2017 - Paying Markets: There are more than two dozen calls for submissions in October. Every genre and every form is welcome! All are paying markets. There ar...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Time is precious

Time is precious...

So much time wasted,
wasted in such foolish ways
to trade a relaxing stroll on a clear path to my dreams for a bumpy, pitted road, blanketed in twisted and thorny obstructions
no destination can be reached on this road, it is endless
to think of all of the beautiful sunsets unnoticed, all of the truly wondrous days unappreciated
to think of, instead, choosing a perception clouded and cluttered with senseless chaos
if today were my last, my soul would be drenched with sorrow and regret
to know how I wasted so much of my precious time